Underground Rome

(half-day tour)

So many secrets lurk under the city we see today, many only rediscovered after being lost for centuries.
The church of San Clemente is an 11th century basilica built upon a 4th century church, which was itself built upon 2 roman buildings. One of these housed a temple to the god Mithras, a cult which was found across the whole Roman Empire. We can go back in time as we descend the levels, discovering frescoes from the 8th and 9th centuries and also the tombs of various saints, including St Cyril, who created the Cyrillic alphabet. In the lowest level we will find the roman buildings, with even a water source still flowing today.
A short walk brings us to the nearby Roman Houses of the Caelian Hill. Rediscovered in 1887 under the Basilica of Saints Giovanni and Paolo, there are 20 ancient rooms, many with frescoes and mosaics, and also an early Christian oratory.

Entry fees - 6 San Clemente + 6 Roman Houses

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