Personalised Tours

Our Standard Tours can also be personalised to include visits to specific monuments or churches. You decide what you want to see.

Whether it's your first visit to Rome, or you are coming back for more, we can ensure that your experience is one to remember. Just tell us what you want to see, and we can arrange it.

Here are some suggestions...

Learn more about Ancient Rome with a visit to the Baths of Caracalla; the Ara Pacis or Castel Sant'Angelo.
The Capitoline Museums and Palazzo Massimo have fabulous collections of ancient statues, frescoes, mosaics and other artefacts.

Our in-depth tour of the Vatican Museums will reveal the treasures of the Pinacoteca Art Gallery, the Etruscan and Egyptian collections, the Chiaramonti Museum of classical sculpture and the Pio-Christian Museum of Christian antiquities.

Many noble palaces of 15th - 17th centuries house art galleries, giving the visitor the chance to admire the palace as well as the art inside. Some are still the residences of the families who built them centuries ago.

  • Palazzo Barberini houses the National Gallery of Art.
  • Palazzo Doria Pamphili houses the private collection of the Doria Pamphili family.
  • Palazzo Altemps houses part of the antiquities collection of the National Museum of Rome.
  • Palazzo Colonna houses the private collection of the Colonna family.
Villa Giulia: the National Etruscan Museum - housed in a 16th century noble villa this museum holds one of the most important collections of Etruscan artefacts in the world.

Rome is home to many holy sites, such as:
  • Cathedral of St John Lateran - the first Christian church in Rome, built after Constantine legalised Christianity in 313AD.
  • Scala Santa, said to be the staircase from Pontius Pilate's office.
  • Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, built in the 4th century to house the relic of the true cross.