Tivoli - Villa D'Este and Hadrian's Villa

(full-day tour)

About an hour drive from Rome, nestled on the first slopes of the Appennine mountains lies the historic town of Tivoli, founded in the 9th century BC.
Emperor Hadrian's magnificent villa (more like a small town really) was built between 118 and 138AD. It is a spectacular archaeological site, encompassing the palace, gardens, thermal baths, a statue-lined canal all surrounded by the rolling foothills of the Appennines.
The 16th century Villa D'Este was built for Cardinal Ippolito D'Este, one of the most powerful figures in the church of that time. Famous particularly for its splendid views and its gardens, descending the hillside on a series of terraces, and adorned with hundreds of spectacular fountains, some jets reaching 100 feet high.

A car and driver are required for this tour.
Entry fees - 6.50 Hadrian's Villa + 10 Villa d'Este

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