Borghese gallery

(half-day tour)

One of the best private art collections in the world, the Borghese Gallery is housed in the splendid 17th century villa of Cardinal Scipio Borghese, nephew of Pope V, and one of the foremost art collectors of his time.
The Gallery is home to a spectacular range of ancient Roman statues and mosaics as well as paintings by masters such as Raphael, Botticelli, Titian and Caravaggio.
Its crowning glories are the statues by Bernini, including David; Apollo and Daphne and Pluto and Persephone; and the reclining statue of Paolina Borghese, Napoleon's sister, sculpted by Antonio Canova.

Entry Fee - 8.50 - reservation is mandatory (maximum 360 people may enter every 2 hours)
Radio transmitter/receiver headsets are mandatory for groups over 4 persons (cost 1 euro per person)

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